Honda / Acura mid-engined sports car leaked in patent images image

A few patent images depicting an upcoming sports car with the Acura / Honda badges on its body have leaked onto the web.

Some say that the S2000 will never get a true successor but over these past few years we have learned that there is room on the market for such a vehicle and Honda definitely knows this too. So, better late than never as they say, it seems that the Japanese based automaker is currently working on such a model. The images posted below stand proof that the company is planning the development of a new mid-engined sports car which resembles the second generation of the NSX.

The model seems to have a detachable front roof which will offer it a roadster body style and at this time we are confused, because this can also turn out to be the drop-top variant of the new NSX. Regardless of what it will become eventually, one thing is for sure, we will get to see it, at least in a concept form, over the next few months and chances are the carmaker will debut it at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, which will be officially opening its gates for the public this September. Meanwhile, until prototypes will start testing on the road, you can check it out in the three images posted below and give your opinion on what this might be.

Source: Telegraaf