Honda again looking to produce a dedicated hybrid model image

The Japanese automaker wants to have two-thirds of all its deliveries coming from the sector of electrified models by 2030 and according to the plan it will bring a new dedicated hybrid to the market next year.

The carmaker has officially announced the introduction of a new dedicated hybrid vehicle in 2018 but refrained from specifically detailing the model. What we know so far is the engineers will make use of a dual-motor system, based on the hybrid powertrain seen inside the Accord hybrid. This new hybrid will be introduced next year and will cater mostly to the North American market, as it will be produced locally at one of the Honda manufacturing facilities in the United States.

“Half of the all-new models Honda will launch in the United States in the coming two years will be electrified vehicles,” said Takahiro Hachigo, president and CEO of Honda. “In the long term, electrified vehicles are key to the future of carbon-free mobility.” Honda is already at the tipping edge of electrification, being among the few automakers (next to Toyota and Hyundai) that has on offer a fuel cell hydrogen-powered vehicle. The zero emissions Clarity can be had in California and examples have also been sent to Europe to demonstrate the possibilities of the technology – touring locations such as London, England, and Copenhagen, Denmark.