Honda Celebrates 30 Years in the US image

Today, November 1st, Honda celebrated 30 years of building cars in the US announcing it will hire 200 people in Ohio and invest $200 million here.

The investments will be made at the Anna Engine and Honda Transmission plants, located near Marysville, and will bring the automaker’s investment in the States to $12.5 billion, from which $8 billion in Ohio, since November 1st, 1982, when the first 1983 Honda Accord rolled off the assembly line.

“For 30 years, Honda associates in our U.S. auto plants have challenged themselves and set high standards to create products that meet the needs of our customers here and in markets around the world,” said Tetsuo Iwamura, president and CEO of American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Honda was the first Japanese automaker to manufacture cars in the US and today it has 7 plants in North America, from which two transmission plants and three auto engine facilities. Currently Honda produces 1.63 million vehicles annually, but it will reach 1.92 million in 2014 when the company will begin production of sub-compact vehicles at its 8th plants in North America, which will be located in Mexico.

In the following years Honda will increase export from North America to other markets, part of its new global lead role.