Honda Civic will be withdrawn from India image

Honda is planning to withdraw the Civic model from the Indian market because of poor sales of the model.

If you live in India and have plans to buy a Honda Civic you should probably hurry up because the Japanese based automaker is planning to pull the plug on the executive saloon because of weak sales of the model. Honda doesn’t have any plans to introduce the next generation of the Civic in India, which was launched internationally in 2011 and this means that the model will end its life in the Asian country.

The biggest role in pulling the plug on the Honda Civic in India was the low demand on the vehicle and the car manufacturer thought that the model should have received a diesel engine but, even if in Europe the new Civic is getting a high tech 1.6 liter diesel unit, the company thinks that this isn’t compatible for Indian conditions. The Honda Civic had a huge disadvantage in India from start because customers there prefer diesel cars. The outgoing Honda Civic was launched in 2006 and it has seen its fair of success on the Indian auto market, looking ahead of its competition with its futuristic styling but, meanwhile, the time caught up with it.