US: Honda CR-V is entering production on November 29 image

Leaving aside its Thailand supplier problems, the Japanese based automaker Honda has recently announced that the production of the new CR-V will debut in the United States on November, 29, at the East Liberty, Ohio facility.

According to the Japanese based automaker, the new generation of the CR-V will enter production on the 29th of November, 2011, after Honda managed to leave aside its supplier problems caused by the floods in Thailand. The new CR-V is expected to be launched in time on the United States auto market; however, the car manufacturer didn’t say anything regarding the introduction of the CR-V in Europe.

The ninth generation of the Civic will arrive in showrooms later than scheduled because of the same supplier problem as the CR-V which is why Honda has announced that the production rates will vary from plant to plant and in some facilities the production target will be achieved while in others the capacity will be cut down to 50 percent until the problem with its suppliers will be solved.

Honda was severely affected by the Thailand floods which disrupted the suppliers’ business. The Japanese based automaker had some similar problems earlier this year when a tsunami hit Japan and managed to put a stop on the local vehicle production.