Honda expands recall over Takata airbags in Japan image

Honda announced this week that more cars fitted with potential defective inflators made by Takata will have to go back to dealers.

780, 000 extra vehicles have been recalled this week in Japan by Honda, including Odyssey minivan and Fit subcompact model, to replace their explosive Takata airbags. Following the massive recall expansion in the United States, where the authorities decided to expand the safety campaign by some additional 35-40 million inflators, the Transport Ministry in Japan announced in late May that carmakers in the country would also have to take similar action for another 7 million cars by March 2019.

Honda has been deeply affected by this crisis, which involved so far around 30 million of its vehicles. But this is not over for Japan’s third-largest automaker by sales, as it reportedly plans to add another 21 million cars to the campaign. Fixing millions of faulty parts is a costly business and Honda consequently took a serious financial hit last year, when it reported a 32 percent drop of its consolidated profit.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the scandal has taken another direction after the US Senator Bill Nelson released a report to warn and draw attention to the fact that Toyota, Fiat Chrysler, Volkswagen and Mitsubishi are still selling new cars with potentially defective inflators that will eventually have to be recalled. The authorities have no legal tools to stop carmakers from selling vehicles subject to future recalls, but Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said he would raise the issue with government lawyers.

Via Reuters