Honda fuel cell vehicle confirmed is coming in 2015 image

The Japanese based automaker Honda has recently announced its plans to introduce a new fuel cell vehicle in 2015.

The announcement of the new fuel cell vehicle, which has been scheduled to hit the market in 2015 with the Honda logos on its body, has been made by the company’s CEO, Takanobu Ito, but even so, no details have been released on the upcoming model.

“Honda will launch an all-new fuel cell electric model in the U.S., Japan and Europe starting in 2015. This new fuel cell vehicle will showcase further technological advancement and significant cost reduction that Honda has accomplished”, as the company is saying in its official press release.

The new Honda fuel cell vehicle is expected to replace the FCX Clarity and the model has been scheduled to hit the markets in Japan, in Europe and in the United States. The upcoming fuel cell car signed by Honda will be developed across the globe and this will reduce its costs and enable models to be introduced in different regions in a short time. Additional details on the new Honda fuel cell vehicle are limited for the moment and are expected to be released ahead of the model’s launch.