Honda Halts China Production for Two Days image

Japanese automakers announced plant closures in China and warned expatriates to stay indoors as angry protests are expected over the next days.

The anti-Japan sentiments have been simmering for decades in China and this weekend all the hate feelings turned into violent attacks and demonstrations aimed at Japanese automakers such as Toyota and Honda, forcing frightened Japanese to hide.

“I’m not going out today and I’ve asked my Chinese boyfriend to be with me all day tomorrow,” said Sayo Morimoto, a 29-year-old Japanese graduate student at a university in Shenzhen.

Honda already announced it will suspend production in China for two days on September 18th and September 19th trying to avoid damages that could be caused by this territorial dispute between Tokyo and Beijing. Two factories will be shut down, the one in the southern China city of Guangzhou and in the central city of Wuhan. Honda has four facilities in the country, which are ran with Chinese partners, and which can produce 820,000 vehicles annually.

“We have decided to suspend production for two days” in the wake of the heightened tensions between China and Japan, Asanuma said.”Our dealers are not in a position to receive car allocations currently,” she said, referring to attacks on some of those stores by protesters over the weekend.