Honda honors the 25th anniversary of the Civic Type R and Fireblade image

The Japanese motorcycle and automaker has had a great run building performance machines, and whether you believe it or not, a quarter of a century has already passed since it initiated the magical “R” series.

Honda is celebrating 25 years of existence for its legendary Type R brand, with the moniker having premiered back in 1992 on the NSX sports car. That very same year, Honda actually used the R branding in the motorcycle world as well – introducing the CBR900RR Fireblade, giving the manufacturer many reasons to celebrate its performance showing this year. “The last 25 years has seen significant change socially, technologically and environmentally,” said David Hodgetts, managing director for Honda UK. “In 1992, there was no social media. The internet was in its infancy. Global warming was starting to raise its head. And the Shamen were top of the charts with Ebeneezer Goode.”

Honda honors the 25th anniversary of the Civic Type R and Fireblade 2

Automotive fans have seen the past 25 years how the Type R label has expanded – with models such as the Integra Type R, the Accord and Civic derivations. The latter is of course the Type R’s greatest success story, with the current Civic Type R even breaching the US hot hatch wall, after securing the best FWD lap on the Nurburgring in advance. Motorcycle lovers had plenty of Honda reasons to celebrate – the 900RR was followed by the 929RR and then 954RR before jumping into the 1,000cc sportbike segment with the CBR1000RR in 2004. Part of Honda’s ongoing 25 years of Type R performance celebrations included a recent gathering of Fireblade and Type R models at the U.K.’s Rockingham Motor Speedway, with the past meeting the present.