Honda Introduces the Acura in Brazil From 2015 image

Honda announced it plans to sell its Acura in Brazil from 2015, the last automaker to aim for the country’s high-end consumer market.

Honda CEO Takanobu Ito announced the introduction of the Acura at the Sao Paolo auto show, where Honda was not the only automaker that aims to introduce its luxury vehicles in a market that increased almost sevenfold during the past 5 years.

“The rich are becoming richer in Brazil,” General Motors’ South American chief Jaime Ardila told reporters at the show. “It’s time to start thinking about bringing Cadillac to Brazil.”

Although Brazil has increased a lot over the past years, luxury car sales are still low for the automakers to consider making it a base for producing their up-market offerings. BMW has took a big step in investing 200 million euro in a Brazilian facility, located in Santa Catarina, which will manufacture 30,000 vehicles from 2014. In August Ford announced it will still has no plans to bring the luxury Lincoln brand to Brazil, although it hopes to launch it in China in the next two years.

“We don’t have any announcements to make here about Lincoln expanding beyond (China), but obviously as we refresh the entire lineup, we’ll continue to look at where it makes sense,” said global sales chief Jim Farley.