After the other direct competitors like Mitsubishi or Suzuki have announced their presence at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show with a lot of new models and concept cars, the Japanese based automaker Honda couldn’t stay away from the most important Asian automotive event of the year and the company will present to the public seven new concepts.

According to Honda, the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show will host seven new concepts of the automaker, named the Townwalker, the RC-E, the E-Canopy, the Motor Compo, the Micro Commuter Concept, the AC-X and an EV Concept.

The Townwalker is a simple urban mobility way of going from A to B, easy to charge by folding the steering and seat, while the RC-E is an electric version of a super-sport motorcycle. The E-Canopy is a scooter created with an electric Honda system fitted on a company’s three-wheel scooter, while the Motor Compo is a compact scooter with electric propulsion, offering the conventional mobility of a two-wheel vehicle. The Micro Commuter Concept is an EV with ultra-compact dimensions and the AC-X is presenting the new plug-in hybrid generation. Las but not least, the EV Concept is a small electric sports car which previews the next generation of an electric compact model.

All the concept vehicles will be officially presented at the upcoming 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. Meanwhile, you can watch the images in the photo gallery. Enjoy!


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