Honda Makes Investment to Boost Production at the Swindon Plant image

Honda announced its investment to ramp up production at its UK plant in Swindon reached £267 million.

This investment was needed for the introduction of Honda’s new Civic and CR-V car models and also the new 1.6-litre diesel engine. The UK plant in Swindon wil manufacture 183, 000 vehicles by the end of this year, and the automaker plans to increase production to 250,000 units in the following three years. Since the beginning of this year Honda has added 500 employees, increasing the number of its workers to 3,500 in what it is to be the company’s most important UK investment over the past 10 years.

Although the UK plant produces engines and cars for export in more than 60 countries in the Middle East, Australia, Europe and Africa, almost 40% of the production was sold in the UK, according to Dave Hodgetts, managing director of Honda UK.

“Sales in the UK are up about 10%, so we are in a strong position,” he said. “Europe is not quite so good, but is holding up.”

In April Nissan announced it plans to manufacture a new hatchback at the Sunderland plant, investing £127m, while BMW declared in July that it will also invest £250m in its UK plants in the following three years to boost production of the Mini.