Honda Malaysia to sell 10,000 Hybrid cars in 2012 image

The Malaysian division of Honda has recently announced that it’s planning to sell 10, 000 Hybrid cars this year in the country.

According to the Japanese based car manufacturer, the demand for hybrid cars wearing the Honda badge on them in Malaysia is increasing by the day and the company is confident that by the end of the year it will manage to sell 10,000 hybrid cars in the country. The Managing Director of Honda Malaysia, Yoichiro Ueno, said that the initial aim of the company was to sell over 3,000 units of each Insight, CR-Z and Jazz hybrids, but after all, the final sales figure is what counts most at the end of the year.

Honda Malaysia managed to sell 8,400 units of its hybrid models in Malaysia in 2011, which means that only the Insight and CR-Z were chosen, because the Jazz Hybrid is the latest addition to the company’s lineup in the country. As a small reminder, the Honda Jazz Hybrid was recently launched in Malaysia, and the model has a starting price of RM94,800 on the road, promising improved fuel efficiency, low CO2 emissions and practicality, coming with some interesting features for its money. You can read more about the Malaysian Honda Jazz Hybrid by clicking this link.