Honda Micro Commuter production version unveiled image

The Japanese based automaker Honda has recently pulled the wraps off the final production version of the Micro Commuter.

As you probably already figured it out, the Honda Micro Commuter is based on the Micro Commuter Concept unveiled in late 2011 during the Tokyo Motor Show and the model has been developed to be eligible for new micro vehicle categories which are under consideration for licensing by the Japanese government. Honda says that the final production version of the Micro Commuter is just 2.5 meters long, 1.25 meters wide and 1.45 meters tall, so it’s indeed a micro car.

The Honda Micro Commuter is powered by a rear mounted electric motor, mated to a 15 kW lithium-ion battery which is allowing the model to hit a top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph) and travel up to 59 km (37 miles). The model can accommodate a driver and two small children sitting in the back. Rumors are saying that other body styles of the Honda Micro Commuter are expected to be developed. Additional details on the Micro Commuter are limited for the moment and will be announced probably next year, when the model is expected to make its debut in Japan.