Honda Named the Most Reliable Used Car Brand image

What Car? magazine and Warranty Direct’s annual reliability survey named Honda the most reliable used car brand.

What Car? editor in chief Chas Hallett said: “When a car leaves the car makers’ warranty protection, it can start to cost the consumer cash and inconvenience. This research highlights that this does not happen often with a Honda.”

This is the 7th consecutive year when Honda is names the most reliable used car brand and according to the survey, the probability of a Honda car breakdown in a 12-month period is 10%. Following Honda in the reliability survey is Toyota, with a 17% failure rate for the same period of 12 months. On the third place is Lexus with 18%, and Land Rover was the 11th years in a row on the last place with a 71% 12-month failure rate. Audi, Mercedes and Jaguar were also among the 10 least reliable. Chevrolet, was the only non-Asian car maker to be ranked among the 10 most reliable used cars.

Honda UK managing director Dave Hodgetts said: “Success in reliability studies like this further proves the dedication, skill and passion of our engineers, both at the development and manufacturing stages.”