Honda NSX will target Ferrari 458 Italia performance image

The future Honda / Acura NSX will be targeting the performance of one famous rear mid-engine rear-wheel drive supercars out there, the Ferrari 458 Italia.

The Honda NSX has been an iconic vehicle so the development of a successor is not that easy. However, the Japanese based automaker seems to have found a way to do it as this will be targeting the performance of the Ferrari 458 Italia. This is expected to become a revolution in the segment, just like the Nissan GT-R did, because the same performance as an Italian supercar doesn’t necessarily mean the same price too, as this will be notably cheaper.

Honda is currently keeping the performance details of the future NSX as secret for the moment but rumors are saying that the final production version of the model will be using a 3.5 liter or a 3.7 liter twin turbo V6 engine under its hood, which should produce approximately 400 HP. This will be backed up by three electric motors, one mounted at each front wheel and the third one using the rear wheels. The lithium-ion battery will be recharged thanks to the regenerative braking technology and the transmission used will have more than six gears and it will be a dual-clutch.

Source: What Car?