Honda postpones mini-vehicle launch in Japan due to Thai floods image

Honda’s Managing Officer Shoe Minekava announced the postponing of its minivehicle launch in Japan. With most suppliers directly hit by the massive Thai floods, the automakers have hard times in procuring replacement parts and assess the extent of disruption to the supply chain.

The Japan launch of a special edition of minivehicle Life Diva had been previously scheduled for Oct. 13. But, since the company hasn’t been able yet to get the necessary components for the car from Thailand, the plans had to be changed.

“We are supposed to import all the aluminum wheels from Thailand” for the model, Minekawa said at a press conference.

Honda’s Thailand factory is closed since Oct.4 and is still unknown when the production will be resumed, as the factory is currently submerged.

Honda announced also it will shut down its motorcycle plant in Bangkok until Oct. 29.

After the March earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Honda, Nissan and Toyota faced serious production disruption. It not only destroyed facilities in Japan, but halted the parts flow to other facilities. Nissan seemed to recover first, but Honda and Toyota are still feeling the effects.