Japan’s third largest automaker, Honda, has been recently struggling with numerous recalls and quality issues and to avoid any more shameful situation it has announced it would delay the launch of its flagship.

Because Honda is the largest client for Japan’s auto safety supplier Takata Corp. – at the center of a mounting auto safety crisis – the Japanese automaker also has the largest number of recalled cars. Besides, the top executives have also taken pay cuts because of a series of recalls related to recurring quality issues on some of the latest models. Now, the company has said it would further move the start of sales for the redesigned Legend sedan because it wants to have more time to check its radar safety system and hybrid powertrain.

Deliveries for the top of the line model are now scheduled for the latter part of February n dealerships across Japan, pushing back the previously set January 22 date. President Takanobu Ito, who accepted a 20 % pay cut for three months to show contrition for the company’s problems, asked employees to go “back to basics” and previous repeated recalls on models such as the Fit and Vezel seem to have triggered the numerous quality checks for the Legend sedan.

Via Bloomberg


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