We just had the premiere of the Urban EV concept from Honda at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show and now the Japanese automaker is already setting up the red carpet for another prototype.

The 45th Tokyo Motor Show is going to feature the introduction of Honda’s new Sports EV concept – and as the name directly implies we have to prepare for a sporty electric car. From the teaser presentation of the automaker and the naming scheme we might assume Honda is on to something – perhaps developing an entire lineup of EVs, previewed by these concepts, given the square taillights allegedly suggest it will continue on the same page as the previously presented Urban EV concept.

Few details about the zero emissions prototype have been presented for now, Honda only revealing it will arrive with a “friendly face,” which is another connection between the two concepts. From the teaser we can also see a hint of familiar retro-futuristic design and fans might fall in love with this new prototype as well. The concept is scheduled to premiere in front of the worldwide audience of the Tokyo Motor Show on October 25. Honda is also bringing home the Urban EV concept and will also introduce the home-market version of the CR-V sport utility vehicle.



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