Honda ramps up production of 2013 Accord to prepare for U.S. launch image

Honda Motor Company is building the new Accord sedan at a record pace as it wants its dealers to start selling it this week.

Production of the 2013 Accord was at 6,000 units a week and rising at the Honda Marysville plant in Ohio as of September 14, according to Mike Fischer, production leader for the car. No new Honda model has been built at a faster pace and with fewer flaws, said Fischer.

“We’re at a benchmark pace. Typically, some of our initial indicators for a production ramp-up are set for a three-month level. We’ve challenged ourselves to meet that in one month,” Fischer was quoted as saying by Bloomberg.

The ninth-generation Accord goes on sale on September 19 as Nissan boosts output of its revamped Altima, Toyota expands deliveries of the Camry and Ford prepares a restyled Fusion. Midsize car sales are the biggest segment in the U.S. this year, up 22 percent in the first eight months of the year to 2.52 million units.

The Toyota Camry remains the best-selling U.S. car, with an increase of 37 percent this year to 280,536 units. Honda’s 2012 Accord is second, with sales of 218,665, while the Nissan Altima at 209,592 and the Ford Fusion at 181,865 are third and fourth respectively.