Honda recall – 200.000 cars image

The Japanese automaker Honda will recall 200.000 cars because of defective engine parts.

After receiving around 63 customer reports in Japan of engine malfunctions as a result of the defect, the Japanese manufacturer Honda will recall 200.000 cars to replace the parts.

According to the automaker, more than 50.000 units of the Stream, Civic and Crossroad will be recalled in Japan alone, cars produced at local plants between July 2008 and July 2010.

“Globally there are some 200.000 cars, including 50.122 in Japan, with a similar problem”, said a Honda Motor spokesman, who added that the recall will affect 100.000 units in South America and about 7.000 in Europe.

Even though the car manufacturer received 63 customer reports in Japan, none of these led to any accidents and the Honda Motor Company will replace the defective engine parts free of charge.

Other vehicles which will be affected by the recall have been sold in the Middle East and Africa and, according to the car manufacturer, it won’t affect the North American auto market.