On Monday, March 26th, Honda Automobile Thailand Co Ltd restarted production at the Ayutthaya facility which was badly affected by the floods that covered Thailand in 2011.

On October 4th 2011 production was suspended until the draining out flood water was completed in November 2011. Four other months lasted the efforts to clean, inspect, repair and replace the manufacturing equipment and plant facilities and on March 31st the company is ready to celebrate the restart.

“We have resumed supply of all Brio parts to Thailand. This was stopped from October last year after the flood affected productions completely there,” a Honda Siel Cars India (HSCI) spokesperson told PTI.

Honda had said then that disruptions from the Thai floods would cost it production of 260,000 vehicles globally in the business year ending this month. Production in Thailand would be running at full speed from April, when other affected Asian production would also return to normal.

Over the last few months the company has been sourcing cars from Japan to some countries in the Asia-Oceania region including Thailand, but now all plants have resumed production. For all other Honda plants outside of the region, the impact of the flooding in Thailand has already been resolved.

“Positioning HATC as one of the most important production operations in the Asia/Oceania Region, Honda was totally committed to realising the earliest possible recovery. Honda will maintain the same positioning of HATC in the future and further promote business operations in Thailand,” Honda said in a statement.


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