Honda resumes Thai car output, plans new plant image

Honda Motor Co said it has commenced production operations after a gap of more than six months in Thailand. The Japanese automaker is planning to hold a ceremony on March 31, 2012 to commemorate the resumption of production.

The restart is in line with plans projected in late January, when Japan’s No.3 automaker said production in Thailand would be running at full speed from April, when other affected Asian production would also return to normal.

In addition, Honda plans to build another automobile factory in Thailand, likely in the southeastern part of the country where the risk of flooding is lower than where its existing plant is located.

The new plant might churn out such models as large minivans, for which demand is projected to grow in Thailand.

Honda is among the last Japanese companies to restart production in Thailand.

Despite concerns of flooding, Thailand remains an outstanding manufacturing site because of the concentration of materials and parts suppliers and its strong infrastructure.

Other Japanese carmakers, including Toyota Motor Corp and Isuzu Motors Ltd, are also moving to boost output in Thailand.