Honda reveals pricing details about Euro-spec NSX supercar image

The Acura / Honda NSX hybrid supercar has been long in the making and even longer awaited by eager fans – but that doesn’t mean we can’t complain about the prices for the sports car on the European market.

While Honda – like any other automaker – has been busy dealing with its appearance on the show floor of the 330 (€180, 000), which is actually a tad more expensive than going for the ubiquitous Porsche 911 Turbo (€174,669). The same goes for the United Kingdom where the NSX can be had starting from at least $180,400 (£130,000) while the same German menace goes for $177,147 (£126,925). That’s even costlier than what Acura asks for the NSX in America (MSRP at $156,000) and at least they have the excuse that we’re dealing with an “upscale” brand.

Never mind the mind-boggling price, Honda will open the order books for the NSX in Europe starting April – and the company has already announced the Old Continent will represent the main export area for the sales of the hybrid supercar. The model can only be snatched through a special network of authorized dealers in “key European locations” with deliveries expected to kick off during the autumn.