Honda S2000 Modulo Climax unveiled in Tokyo image

The Japanese based automaker Honda has recently pulled the wraps off the S2000 Modulo Climax during the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon.

A successor of the popular Honda S2000 has been rumored to hit the market over the following years but until that will happen, the carmaker is trying to place the outgoing version into the spotlights probably one last time, with the help of the so-called S2000 Modulo Climax, which was officially presented to the public during the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon. The automaker is saying that the Honda S2000 Modulo Climax is coming with a redesigned rear bumper, with chrome blade on the front grille, with LED daytime running lights and more.

Other modifications include the red brake calipers, the black and burgundy cabin, the new chrome wheels and other tweaks which will help the model stand out in a crowd. The Japanese based automaker didn’t announce its plans just yet to put the new parts into production so owners of the Honda S2000 looking to upgrade their vehicles with these goodies will have to wait a little longer until Honda will decide what to do.