Honda sets monthly production record in Asia image

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced a summary of its automobile production, Japan domestic sales and also export results for the month of July 2013.

Production in Japan for the month of July 2013 (-24.9% vs. July 2012) experienced a year-on-year decrease (-38.3%) for the eighth consecutive month (since December 2012).

Meanwhile, in regions outside of Japan, Honda experienced a year-on-year increase (+8.8%) for the 18th consecutive month (since February 2012), setting record high production for the month of July (+6.2%), with total numbers of 272,563 units (1,992,769 for the seven month period).

There are record high production numbers for the month of July in USA (+24%, 93,262 units) and all-time monthly record for production in Asia (+4.2%, 122,178 units). Still, worldwide production experienced a year-on-year decrease for the third consecutive month (since May 2013), going down by 1.8% in July to 338,931 units (for the first seven months, -3.9% with 2,409,852 units).
Besides the falling home market production, Honda can also account Europe for the worldwide decline as its production there fell 31.3% in July to a total of 12,003 units (- 16.6% for the seven months period, with 83,251 units produced).