Honda to add new eco friendly cars after Insight production stop image

Honda, the Japanese automaker, which has recently announced it would cease production and sales of its Insight hybrid gasoline-electric model in the US and Europe said it, would return to the segment.

Although when talking about hybrid gasoline-electric cars, naturally everyone thinks of the Prius line from Toyota, we could surprise you by saying that both in Europe and the US, Honda beat their rivals and introduced first their Insight hybrid.

Of course, history gave the upper hand to Prius, which reached almost 3.2 million sold units in January, where as the Insight struggled – US sales in 2013 only amounted to 4,802 units, compared to the Prius line’s 234,228 cars.

In a logical and actually not surprising decision, Honda decided to end sales of the Insight and CR-Z hybrids in Europe and of the first (CR-Z is not imported in the US) also in North America.

Now, the Japanese company has cryptically announced it would not abandon the hybrid game, saying in the next three to four years Honda would return and add “advanced technology environmental” cars to its line-up, expanding the use of “electro-motive” technologies. Well, while it certainly is mysterious, the statement does hint to something – Honda could very well abandon the hybrid gasoline-electric game to Toyota and concentrate on something else – like an advanced fuel cell vehicle.

Via Bloomberg