Mar.17 (GMM/ F1 veteran Joan Villadelprat thinks Honda can eventually succeed in formula one.

“If they were alone, I’d say no,” the Spaniard, a well-known former manager and engineer, told El Confidencial.

“As they are with McLaren, I say yes. I think they will break the current cycle in the next two years, especially if there is a strong change of regulations in 2017.”

And Villadelprat said that when McLaren-Honda comes good, Fernando Alonso is still one of the very best drivers on the grid.

“The only thing that worries me is his motivation,” he admitted. “But I know that if things start to work, we will see a more motivated Fernando to demonstrate the skills he has.

“I just wish he had the necessary tools. I don’t think he can afford another year or two of frustration,” said Villadelprat, who worked for the likes of McLaren and Ferrari.

As for the general pecking order in 2016, Villadelprat thinks little has changed since the end of last year.

“From what I’ve seen, Mercedes will stay above all the others unless something political forces them to do something different.

“The latter is important to understand,” he added, “as there is great pressure on Mercedes in the sense that there may be a general discontent.

“But they have done an extraordinary job and the rest should be complimentary rather than envious,” said Villadelprat.


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