Honda to build a new assembly line in Mexico image

The Japanese car manufacturer Honda has announced the opening of a new assembly line in Mexico, with an investment of 800 million dollars.

According to the auto maker, the new Mexico plant will employ approximately 3.200 associates and will have an annual capacity of 200.000 units in its 5.66 million square meters.

“With growing demand for fuel-efficient vehicles, this plant will increase Honda’s ability to meet customer needs for subcompact vehicles from within North America. This new plant will further strengthen the foundation of Honda’s North American business by enabling Honda to more flexibly respond to changing market conditions from within the region”, said the president of American Honda Motor Co., Tetsuo Iwamura.

The smallest car made by Honda in North America is the Civic and the over-seas plants are also manufacturing the Accord, CR-V and region-specific light truck models.

The newest Japanese factory in Mexico will most likely manufacture the Fit model and the plant is expected to be finished in 2014.

  • mike

    Honda "you Get What u pay for "……..If they think cheap labor is going to build them quality product and revenue sales then good luck in that department.