Honda to build lighter vehicles in the future image

Honda Motor Co., plans to adopt a new design and different assembly methods in a try to make its vehicles lighter, the Nikkei business reported.

According to the same source, the Japanese automaker will weld outer panels to the frame, rather than assembling the ceiling, side and other panels, to reduce the use of bolts and reinforcing materials.

How much the new method will help to the total weight of the vehicle is unknown for the moment, but in addition, the new pattern will help the manufacturer to lower the production costs, mostly because in this way the final product will include a lower number of components.

Honda has already started some of these weight reducing methods in the production of its N Box mini vehicle, which was launched last week.

The Nikkei report further adds that the company will initially adopt this new assembling method on company’s small cars, and later on will expand this to all of its portfolio models.

By making lighter and cheaper automobiles, the carmaker aims to fast track its advance into emerging markets, which is one of its top priorities, the newspaper said.