Honda to rival Nissan Juke image

The Japanese based automaker Honda is planning to develop a direct rival for the popular Nissan Juke, which might make its public debut in a couple of years.

The Nissan Juke was the path opener in the B-segment for crossovers (J-segment) and since the model has made its public debut a few years ago, every major automaker out there wanted to develop a rival for it. Some have already produced this rival, like the Opel and its Mokka, like Peugeot and its 2008 or like Ford and its EcoSport, other are already working on it, like Renault and the Clio based crossover, but a new rival for the Juke is also under development at Honda too.

The new Honda B-segment crossover will be based on the new generation of the Jazz/Fit, according to the company’s CEO, Takanobu Ito, who has recently spoken to Besides the crossover, the Honda Jazz/Fit will also get a sedan version, which will probably be aimed towards emerging markets. The new Honda B-segment crossover is part of the company’s plans to increase the annual sales from 4-million this year to 7-million by 2017. The model is expected to hit the market in 2014. Additional details on the Jazz/Fit-based crossover are limited for the moment.

Source: Autocar