Honda will cease Insight production image

Following the planned sales stop in Europe, it looks like Honda is ready to totally pull the plug on the hybrid Insight, as its sales have dropped sharply and demand hugely trails that of Toyota’s Prius.

Honda was actually quicker on the US market as well with the Insight hybrid, bringing it there in 1999, a full seven months ahead the Toyota rival. As we all know, being first doesn’t mean you’ll be the most successful, as is the case here: Prius globally sold 3.19 million vehicles as of January –while Honda’s model sales pale, with 280,629 units, of which 157,275 were delivered in Japan.

According to researcher Autodata, in 2013 sales of the Insight model in the US were down 18 % to 4,802 units, ahead only of the CR-Z hybrid at the worst-selling top of Hondas.

Yuka Abe, a Tokyo-based spokeswoman for the carmaker, told Bloomberg that the current generation of the Insight would be discontinued this month, with no comment on a future one, and added that US dealerships were asked as far as last November to stop taking orders on the car – which had this month a 237 days worth of supply, way behing the 60 days considered ideal.

Via Bloomberg