Honda will import assembled cars tariff-free in Thailand image

Thailand’s government on Tuesday announced it has approved an 8-month waive on import tariffs on machinery, completed cars and auto-parts to help companies affected by flooding.

Honda Motor Co., will be the only automaker that will be allowed to bring in complete cars until June 30 and with effect from Oct. 25, Industry Minister Wannarat Channukul said Tuesday.
All other automaker would be able to import parts and machinery tariff-free to replace goods damaged by the flooding.

“Honda Motor Co. is the only company eligible to import completed cars because its entire production facility was closed because of flooding”.

Honda said it still cannot properly assess the damage to its Rojana plant, which employs 4,000 people. Aerial footage from the site shows hundreds of rusting cars submerged up to their roofs by filthy water.

“We will offer this until June next year because we expect the situation to get back to normal by then,” Wannarat said.

The Japanese automaker said Tuesday morning that plans to resume production at its plant in Thailand from April 2012. However, the company may push the opening date beyond the April 13-15, when many employees return to their hometowns because of Thai New Year.

On Sunday, Honda said it had finished draining water from the plant on the Rojana Industrial Park and had started the process of cleaning up.

video showing the Rojana Industrial Park on Oct 12.