Although Honda was the first producer that sold a hybrid on the European market, the Japanese company has now decided to stop bringing two of its gasoline-electric hybrids due to weak demand in the region.

Back in 1999, Honda was introducing the two seater Insight hybrid, around a year before the most known hybrid of the planet, Toyota’s hybrid Prius. Now, both the new Insight, which is slotted as a lower cost alternative to Prius and the sporty CR-Z will stop being sold in Europe, after the existing stocks are cleared.

“We’ve had seen a steady sales for our hybrids since we launched them, but recently we’ve seen a strong demand for low-emission diesel technology,” a company spokesman said.

The Japanese company has sold a total of around 125,000 hybrid vehicles since first introduced them on the European markets, but recently sales went down sharply – according to market researcher JATO Dynamics in 2013 only 1,242 Insights (minus 62 %) and 695 CR-Z hybrids (down 66%) were sold. The remaining hybrid model, a version of the Jazz subcompact will remain on sale but Honda has not disclosed if the next generation, due around 2015 would also be brought.

Honda also added a new small displacement diesel especially for the European clients, a 1.6-liter destined to equip both the Civic compact and CR-V SUV – in the Civic version, its CO2 emissions of 94/km compare to Insight’s 96g/km.

Via Automotive News Europe


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