Honda’s 2013 Accord in Consumer Reports’ Good Graces image

According to Consumer Reports Honda’s redesigned 2013 Accord is leading the US mid-size class for four-cylinder sedans.

The six-cylinder 2013 Accord challenges the Camry V6 and Camry Hybrid for the no.1 spot in Consumer Reports overall ratings of mid-size cars. The group will post the latest test results in the February magazine issue. According to Consumer Reports the redesigned Accord “alters the mid-sized sedan landscape” and “returns to the front of the pack.”

The group praised the car for its fuel economy, roomy interior, attractive combination of features, fun-to-drive character and its price. The 2013 Accord, fitted with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, is rated by the EPA at 40 miles per gallon on highway and a combined 30 mpg. According to Consumer Reports, the Accord’s 3.5-liter V6 is quite powerful, super smooth and it is able to out-accelerate some sports vehicles.

“Honda missed the mark with other redesigned models in recent years, but it nailed this one,” said the group’s vehicle testing director, Jake Fisher.

In 2011 Consumer Reports didn’t recommend consumers to buy the 2012 Honda Civic, which had lower interior quality compared with its predecessor and was less agile. It seems that the criticism made Honda create an improved version of the Civic, with an upgraded interior and several chassis tweaks.