The 2013 Honda Accord midsize lineup will include a plug-in hybrid that the Japanese carmaker claims it will have better overall mileage than its rivals.

According to Yasuyuki Sando, chief engineer for the Accord plug-in model, the car will achieve and overall mpg equivalent rating of 100 miles per gallon, better than Chevrolet Volt’s 94 MPGe rating and Toyota Prius’ 95 MPGe rating.

However, the Honda Accord plug-in isn’t designed to go as far as the Volt on battery power alone. GM says the Volt can travel up to 35 miles on electric power before the gasoline engine kicks in to recharge. In Honda’s case, the range is limited because engineers couldn’t fit a bigger battery into the car without making it to heavy and affecting cargo space and passenger room.

“It’s a heavy pack. To keep the car in balance, we have to limit the size of the battery pack,” Mr. Sando was quoted as saying by Wall Street Journal. The Accord plug-in will also compete with Toyota’s Prius plug-in model, designed to run for about 11 miles on battery power alone.
So far, Honda hasn’t revealed pricing of the Accord plug-in. As for its rivals, the Prius plug-in starts at about $32,000 before tax credits, while the Volt is priced below $40,000 before tax credits.


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