Honda cars are the most resilient to pothole damage, saving drivers hundreds of pounds in repairs each year, according to new research by

The road maintenance campaign website, set up by warranty provider Warranty Direct, analysed tens of thousands of policies to reveal which cars are most and least susceptible to pothole damage.

Honda cars proved to be the most pothole-proof cars, followed by Toyotas and Hyundais, with less than 2 percent of their cars suffering axle and suspension damage from potholes and other road defects. At the other end of the spectrum, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover models were the most likely to be defeated by the UK’s potholed roads, with more than 10 percent suffering damage each year.

The average bill for suspension damage caused by potholes is £309, but recent claims climb as high as £2,420. „As councils struggle to solve the pothole problem, consumers can at least be smart about their vehicle of choice. We’ve found some cars have an uncanny ability to absorb the jolts from even the most severe road craters, while others aren’t so resilient,” Warranty Direct’s Duncan McClure Fisher said.

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