Honda’s Mobilio jumps from Indonesia to India image

The Japanese automaker aims to improve its market share in the huge India by porting a model that has become an outstanding success for the company in Indonesia.

The Mobilio, scheduled for launch in India is a multi purpose vehicle capable of transporting seven people, with the model already on sales in Indonesia since January. The car has enjoyed tremendous demand, allowing Honda to jump sales and increase market share on the back of rivals such as Toyota and Nissan.

“The Mobilio has already enjoyed a successful run in Indonesia. I am confident the Mobilio will repeat this success in the Indian market as well,” Honda’s Managing Officer, Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, said at the launch in the Indian capital. We have to expand our volumes so our strategy is to enter new segments,” he added.

The carmaker already booked orders for 5,800 Mobilio cars in a two-weeks period prior to the launch – that compares to Toyota’s June sales of 5,377 units for the rival Innova MPV. While Indonesia and India share many cultural traits, the first already has an established multi purpose vehicle market, with the segment counting for half of the 1.23 million vehicles sold last year. The latter has a much smaller MPV segment, with the cars used primarily by companies and taxi service providers – but the personal use is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.

Via Reuters