Honeywell predicts global usage of turbo to surge image

Turbochargers are today used not only to further amplify engine power, but also as a great alternative to make a smaller displacement engine, capable of delivering outstanding power and fuel economy.

According to one of the leading global suppliers of the technology, Honeywell, the already on the rise usage of turbos is only set to climb, predicting 49 million unit sales annually by 2019 for the Honeywell Turbo Technologies subsidiary. The forecast released by the company predicts that the business would be worth $12 billion in revenue for them alone.

“During the past decade, turbochargers have moved from a niche technology in the high- performance market segment to an integral part of manufacturers’ mainstream emission control and fuel economy strategies,” comments IHS Automotive Senior Director for Long Range Planning Philip Gott. “Because they are compatible with virtually all engine technologies, they represent a global growth opportunity, making substantial gains even in the limited-growth markets of the US, Japan and Europe.”

According to Peter Hill, vice president of marketing and product management at Honeywell Turbo Technologies, the proprietary report is based on figures from the global carmakers, third-party analysts and industry experts. The turbocharging industry would have 43% of the annual new-vehicle market, up from the previous forecast of 38% and 32 million turbocharged vehicles sold each year by 2018.

Via Automotive News