Honeywell Turbo Technologies and car manufacturers are working together to meet increasing demand for fuel-efficient cars.

Since gas prices are expected to remain high this summer, car manufacturers and Honeywell Turbo Technologies are focusing their attention on the increasing demand for fuel-efficient downsized turbocharged vehicles, which is expected to reach sales of 3.2 million in 2012 in North America, compared to 2.2 million in 2011. Only passenger vehicles account for almost 850,000 units of turbo engines, up 61% from 2011.

“With fuel prices being a significant concern for consumers and businesses, turbochargers are a smart choice for getting more miles to the gallon,” said Tony Schultz, vice president for the Americas, Honeywell Turbo Technologies. “It’s a proven technology that can be used across market segments and does not put the consumer in an extended payback period like other technologies to realize its benefits.”

Since 2008 the large 8-cylinder engines have met a steady decline, while the number of smaller 4-cylinder engines has increased, the U.S. consumers choosing smaller engines due to high gas prices. In a recent report EPA shows that turbocharging technology is one reason for improvements in fuel economy and CO2 in the last seven years.


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