Subaru said it found some possible issues on Tribeca’s hood latch and it had to call back to dealers 77, 000 SUVs in United States to fix the problem.

The Japanese automaker issued a recall for 77, 000 model year 2006-2014 Tribecas build between November 16, 2004, to January 27, 2014 because of a possible defect of the hood safety system and hood lock system, that could cause the bonnet to unexpectedly open while driving. The blame for the issue is the rusted parts and the solidified grease that gradually prevents the springs inside of the hood safety system or the hood lock system from returning to their proper position.

Subaru said it would notify owners by mail within 60 days, and dealers will complete this recall in two phases. Phase one will involve inspection, cleaning and lubricating of the systems. If after these operations the hood latch does not properly work, it will be replaced with a new part. Phase two will involve installing an improved hood safety system and hood lock system.

The issue was brought to Subaru’s attention in September when it was notified of a lawsuit claiming the hood on a 2006 Tribeca opened while driving, according to a document filed to NHTSA’s website. Subaru determined the need for a recall last month following an investigation, the document shows.

Two weeks ago, Nissan said it would have to call back to dealers almost 930,000 cars worldwide to fix a similar problem that forced the automaker to plan another two recall campaigns in the last two years over the exact same issue.


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