Hoonigans unite: Ken Block’s 600 HP Gymkhana Ford Fiesta up for grabs image

The unification is needed mostly due to the price – which is really steep. But then again you’ll have the chance to try and best the world famous Gymkhana series star.

We’re pretty sure everyone remotely connected to the world of automobiles and loving the smell of gasoline in the morning has watched at least one episode in the Gymkhana saga – if you didn’t crawl from underneath that rock and fire up YouTube. Anyways, you know recently Block moved on to new machines – the 845 hp Hoonicorn Mustang or a 333-pony Mk II Escort – retiring his Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle (HHHV) Fiesta. And now the model packing a mighty punch in itself – even after all that bashing and thrashing – has decided it needs a new owner instead of a garage. Those eager to snatch it better be ready to manhandle those two-liter turbo’s 600 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque though. If you didn’t know, the Fiesta came to life using an M-Sport WRC machine and also packs Reiger hardware and upgraded wheel bearings for those ultra-long suspension travels needed to handle jumps.

Other goodies include a Sadev rallycross gearbox, a custom rear diff and a Cosworth ECU. Last, but certainly not least, you’ll have to shell out 250,000 British pounds – $357,000. And if you’re looking for the car’s record, it’s also available on paper, besides the full YouTube coverage, like the sample listed below. And by the way, good luck convincing the others to call your new Fiesta the “HHHV”.