The Star Trek franchise was successfully resuscitated by having a return back to the original series’ roots – and that included the cameo of the man that personified the Vulcan Spock – Leonard Nimoy.

The actor was asked to cameo as the older Spock in both installments of the reworked franchise – the 2009 Start Trek and the 2013 Star Trek into Darkness, but unfortunately we might not see him for the third act – this year’s Star Trek Beyond – because he passed away last year, aged 83. t this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Hot Wheels decided to pay an automotive tribute to the actor that personified Spock’s character by creating a scale model of him with his 1964 Buick Riviera – and while we’re talking about a science fiction franchise, the long and low coupe personifies the Spock character in an instant.

The toy is a reenactment of a famous photo of Nimoy leaning against the car while on the studio lot. It appears that Nimoy celebrated the NBC pick-up of Star Trek for a series in 1966 by going out and snatching the ’64 Riviera. While the model wasn’t new, Nimoy in his full Spock costume looked decidedly cool and proud of his new ride. With a 7.0-liter V8 under the hood, hitting warp speed might not be the case, but in that age it was also pretty close. The San Diego, California, Comic Con takes place on July 21, but Nimoy and his Buick will also be available from the Website for $20.

Via io9


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