How about a $3,000 soundbar made by Porsche using an exhaust? image

Porsche Design has done it again – you know, the guys behind things like smartphones or even yachts. This time around it’s something way geekier…

That’s because Porsche Design has actually come up with a “911 Soundbar” that has been inspired by the dual exhaust system used on the 911 GT3. Yep, it gets even better because this soundbar that is designed with a manly man in mind was actually converted from the original rear silencer and dual exhaust of the 911 GT3. This 200-watt, 2.1 audio system comes with audio goodies like DTS TruSurround virtual surround signal processing. According to Porsche Design they opted for this approach not because it’s fashionable but because the car-sourced parts have been able to provide a deeper and louder sound experience. By the way, technical gimmicks have not been forgotten because the soundbar can be wirelessly linked to any device through a Bluetooth connection.

This 2.1 audio system also has an LED display in the center and a Dolby digital decoder for crystal clear sound and also uses analog, optical, and coaxial inputs, along with a subwoofer output. The price is of $3,140 (€2,900), and Porsche Design has already announced that due to high demand the orders will only be honored from March. If you don’t remember any of the latest Porsche Design creations let us do it for you: they have a range of Blackberry smartphones, watches, clothes, shoes and even things like a limited edition P’3135 fountain pen that was presented last year and costs a mindboggling $27,193.