How about a BMW i8 hydrogen fuel cell? image

Well, most people are saying that electricity is the future of motoring, but what about hydrogen?

We all know that BMW and Toyota have a partnership to work on fuel cell technologies and that the Japanese based automaker is already offering the Mirai FCV but what if BMW will start producing its very own hydrogen powered vehicle? Well, the obvious answer would be “why not”, considering the fact that refilling the tank with hydrogen takes about 5 minutes and the range is similar to petrol-powered engines.

But until we will see a hydrogen powered BMW on the roads, a few years will pass. However, the first step into this direction has been already made by the Bavarian marque with its i8 hydrogen fuel cell research vehicle. The model in question has been unveiled during the BMW Group Innovation Days 2015 and it has dropped its plug-in hybrid setup for a hydrogen fuel cell setup. The 1.5 liter turbocharged 3-cylinder gasoline burner has been left aside for a fuel stack. The hydrogen is cryogenically stowed inside the cylindrical tank and this, along with the oxygen from the cooled air, is being used to power the car. The vehicle has a rear-mounted electric motor with 242 HP (188 kW). In order to stand out even more, this i8 has received some exterior modifications but if you came here hoping to find out all the “regular numbers”, you will be disappointed, because BMW is currently keeping them a secret. Keep in mind that this is nothing more than a concept car at this time.