How about a Fiat Toro “SUP”? image

Fiat has officially released its first teaser image with the upcoming Toro, a vehicle described as a Sport Utility Pick-up, which will be offered for sale next year.

The FCA joint venture has opened up new possibilities for Fiat and one of them is that of creating this vehicle. The model in question has been dubbed the Fiat Toro and it has been teased officially, for the very first time, with its large front grille, with the slender headlights with the LED technology, the bold front fascia, the sculpted hood, the roof rails, the chiseled fenders and the overall design which is making us think of the Range Rover Evoque.

“The Fiat launches in Latin America early next year a completely new car: the Fiat Toro. The model is for the market to debut a new segment – the Sport Utility Pick-up (SUP). The Fiat Toro brings all the strength characteristics and strength of a truck and at the same time has all the comfort and drivability of an SUV”, says the automaker in its press release.

The brand new Fiat Toro has been officially confirmed by FCA and it is expected to be officially unveiled, over the web at least, in the next coming months. Details on what we can find inside it or under its hood are not exactly known at this point, by anyone outside the company, so if you would like the find out more about it, you should be patient. However, don’t expect it in a market outside the South American continent because this will only be introduced over there.