How about a Volvo XC90 Coupe? image

Well, since this is becoming a trend in the full-size premium SUV segment, why not?

BMW has opened a new path in the segment with its X6, now in the second generation, and this has been continued by Mercedes-Benz, which has recently introduced the GLE Coupe, a direct competitor for the above mentioned model. The next step would obviously be a Q7 Coupe, signed by Audi, but we bet you haven’t considered the new generation of the Volvo XC90 in such a body style, have you? Well, to be honest, neither did we, but we have to admit that it doesn’t look half bad and, if there is room on the market for it, why not add it to the lineup?

Before getting all excited and rushing over to your local Volvo dealership to place a deposit, you should know that the image posted above is nothing more than a simple rendering, which has been put together by X-Tomi Design. The model in question is coming with a slightly updated looks and it has a white finish covering its body, some chrome added to the exterior, the 8-spoke silver finished wheels, the rear privacy glass and, the most important thing yet, its sloping roofline, which is making it a competitor for the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe. If it will indeed be produced, expect the same interior design as the one found on the regular XC90, in its new generation, along with the entire engine lineup.