How effective is EU’s new method to measure emissions? image

After the infamous Volkswagen emissions scandal, a new device was designed in Europe as a means to measure the car pollution gains traction. The new creation is similar to a bike rack with a tube attached to it.

The deployment was made by the Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) with a realistic testing on roads being implemented beside the laboratory tests so as for the VW incident to not occur again.

However, this move will not lead to less polluted air in the future as experts and analysts claim that for this to happen, the European Union will have to recur to more strict numbers on the pollution limits. Volkswagen’s use of a forbidden “defeat device” has led to nitrogen oxide emissions reach up to seven times the European limits.

Officials from the European Union who preferred to stay anonymous stated for Reuters that the auto industry manipulating the testing conditions had been obvious for years and that the EU did not stop it because of its influence in terms of economy, which was regarded as being more important than the environment. One of the five EU officials stated that “I was not in the least surprised when this came to light. I just thought ‘finally they have been caught’ but I was amazed at their stupidity in trying to cheat in the U.S.”

The officials added that the vehicle regulation shouldn’t have been assigned to the industry department of the European Commission, but rather to the environment section.

Back in 1998, a similar defeat-device scandal took place, and just like in the Volkswagen case, it was discovered in the U.S. leading to PEMS being used on trucks in the following years. Early versions of the device estimated at $166,335 were too heavy for cars, but have since been improved and will be used on trial as part of the EU car authorization starting September 2017.