Many drivers enjoy BMW automobiles for their status, style, performance and durability. If you have a limited budget and are looking to save some money, purchasing a second hand BMW can be a wise investment. If you do your research before making any purchase you may find yourself a real bargain. If it’s in good enough shape, a second hand BMW can drive just like a new one. That’s why many used car BMW enthusiasts choose to purchase a used BMW for sale. There are three main, proven areas to be concerned about when buying.

Check Service Records

A BMW that has an extensive service record history with proper receipts is going to be of more value to a buyer than one with no service records to be seen at all. These records usually indicate all the maintenance and repairs that have been done on the vehicle over the many years it has been owned. It may even have multiple sets of service records if it was owned by multiple individuals. There should be records on any engine work done, and if work was done on the transmission, suspension, differential, electronic and electrical systems, exhaust, tires, and anything in the interior including the stereo.

Inspect the Body

It’s important to have a professional auto body technician examine the body to get an expert opinion of whether it’s ever been in any accidents, if it was repainted, if there are any areas of potential rust growing in the body sections, and if any parts of the body are in need of immediate replacement. Usually, BMWs hold up well in the body area, but a skilled body worker can easily cover up simple body defects that can’t always be that evident to the naked eye, so that’s why a pro should help examine it. Bodywork damage can be expensive, especially on high end, upscale luxury sports cars like a BMW, so that’s why it’s essential to be careful and cautious in this aspect of looking over the car to see exactly what’s going on.

Get Relatively Low Mileage

It should go without saying that a person doesn’t want to purchase a BMW with 300,000 or more miles on it and expect to still get a top value deal out of it. Make sure to only buy such a vehicle that has reasonable mileage. Anything under about 100,000 miles should be considered reasonable since BMWs are made to run for many years with their powerfully built engines and drive trains. Don’t ever just fall in love with a car like this because of its low price and disregard the mileage. Often, very high mileage cars are sold by dealers in as is condition, and that usually means major and expensive repairs are just right around the corner. So the buyer looking for value should always keep his wits about him and not get emotionally overwhelmed when shopping for a high mileage BMW if he wants longevity.


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