Sep.26 (GMM/ Nico Hulkenberg says his return to defend his Le Mans title next year is not set in stone.

Rumoured to be quitting F1, Jenson Button has said that although he may be interested in a future at Le Mans, he would not try to ‘do a Hulkenberg’ and combine the two series.

“I think with a 21 race calendar you’re going to be very limited on weekends,” said the Briton, “and sometimes it’s nice to have a weekend off from motor racing.”

Force India’s Hulkenberg, who won Le Mans at his first attempt in a Porsche prototype in June, was asked about Button’s comments and agreed: “So far nothing has been decided (for 2016).

“The calendar for next year will be more stressful, there are new races. On the Le Mans side nothing is decided, but if I have the opportunity to take part, I will use it.”

The reason Hulkenberg is not committing for now is that the 2016 calendar, while release provisionally, is not yet set in stone, as teams push to reinstate the summer break but recoil at the prospect of ‘triple headers’ or races in December.

Hulkenberg agreed: “The first thing is to wait for confirmation of the calendar, as it is important that Le Mans doesn’t interfere with formula one, otherwise there is no chance.”